About us

95 Gems

About us

95 Gems is a family owned business that started out in Australia. We have been able to offer our products to the world since 2010 and have been approved to do so by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Australia.

Making Bahá'í jewellery is for us a pleasure. Using the arts to create pieces that highlight spiritual concepts gives us joy and satisfaction. Our designs are not only inspired by the beauty around us but largely by the greatness of the Holy Writings. Once inspiration comes, we put it into paper and then it becomes a reality in metal.

We currently sell our products through our website but you can also find them in a few locations around the world such as:

You can find and order items as well from our distributors in Santiago, Chile and La Ceiba, Honduras. If you would like to contact them, send us an email.