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$200.00 USD - $379.00 USD

PRE ORDER - 9 pointed Star Lehrer KaleidosCut ring

This beautiful collection features a KaleidosCut gemstone in a 9-pointed Star created by Glenn Lehrer for 95 Gems.
The KaleidosCut features a main gemstone with the 9 pointed star cut and beneath it a smaller round stone that gives it a second color glow.
"The KaleidosCut is the result of 40 years of studying gemstones and a natural progression of Glenn Lehrer’s art form... creating a kaleidoscopic image with shards of disjointed vibrant color that moved like the broken glass within the Kaleidoscope that Glenn owned as a child".

This stone will be set on a 9k gold ring setting with your choice of color: yellow, white, or rose gold.

You have plenty of options to choose from including [1] the gemstone combination of your preference, [2] the color of the gold ring setting and, [3] the size of the main stone (10mm or 12mm).

These are the combinations on this pre-order:

1. Green Amethyst and Emerald (sage green with emerald green glow)
2. Rose de France and fissure-filled Ruby (Pink with red glow)
3. Amethyst and fissure-filled Ruby (purple with red glow)
4. Sky Blue Topaz and Amethyst (light blue with purple glow)
5. Rose de France and Rhodolite Garnet (pink with wine red glow)
6. Sky blue Topaz and Apatite (light blue with blue glow)
7. Clear Optical white Quartz and Apatite (transparent with blue glow).

After you choose your stone and the size, please send us a message with the ring size and the color of the gold of your choice.

This Pre-order will be completed when we reach at least 20 ring orders since this is the minimum required for production. Once in process, it can take between 8-15 weeks to be completed before they are shipped to the countries listed (if your country is not listed, please contact us before purchasing so we can figure out how to make it work). Please note, you are pre-ordering this ring, which means we will allow enough time to fulfil the amount of 20 orders. In the event that we cannot reach that number in an acceptable timeframe, all payments will be refunded.

It is worthwhile to mention that since the stones are natural, each one is unique and each combination will have a slightly different tone - this means that the exact colors in the photos will vary a little with the exact gem you will receive. At the same time, colors vary from monitor to monitor, therefore we suggest you keep these details in mid when making your purchase, as it will be impossible to send you the exact tones as in the reference images. We thank you for your understanding!

Please note we are not responsible for possible custom charges in your country.

* Fissure-filled Ruby is an included Ruby filled under heat and pressure with leaded clear glass to hide and clarify the Ruby, similar to oiled or filled epoxy inclusion in emeralds.
** The ring on the finger photo is 10mm in size.

-- NO PROMOTIONAL CODES ARE APPLICABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT, thanks for your understanding! --