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Greatest Name - Bahá'í pendant

Greatest Name - Bahá'í pendant
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"A man should pause and reflect and be just: his Lord, out of measureless grace, has made him a human being and honored him with the words: “Verily, We created man in the goodliest of forms” —and caused His mercy which rises out of the dawn of oneness to shine down upon him, until he became the wellspring of the words of God and the place where the mysteries of heaven alighted, and on the morning of creation he was covered with the rays of the qualities of perfection and the graces of holiness. How can he stain this immaculate garment with the filth of selfish desires, or exchange this everlasting honor for infamy? “Dost thou think thyself only a puny form, when the universe is folded up within thee?”.
- 'Abdu'l-Bahá, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p.19.

Sterling silver Baha'i Greatest Name pendant. Chains are available in another listing.

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