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Cast the veils Bahá'í ring

Cast the veils Bahá'í ring
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"… By the term “clouds” is meant those things that are contrary to the ways and desires of men. Even as He hath revealed in the verse already quoted: “As oft as an Apostle cometh unto you with that which your souls desire not, ye swell with pride, accusing some of being impostors and slaying others.” [Qur’án 2:87.] These “clouds” signify, in one sense, the annulment of laws, the abrogation of former Dispensations, the repeal of rituals and customs current amongst men, the exalting of the illiterate faithful above the learned opposers of the Faith. In another sense, they mean the appearance of that immortal Beauty in the image of mortal man, with such human limitations as eating and drinking, poverty and riches, glory and abasement, sleeping and waking, and such other things as cast doubt in the minds of men, and cause them to turn away. All such veils are symbolically referred to as “clouds.”"
- Bahá'u'lláh, Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era, p.286.

Beautifully carved in sterling silver, accentuated with brushed finish on the front and a hammered band; this ring is decorated with a delicate milky man made stone featuring the Bahá'í ring Symbol.

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