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BE 1844 Bahá'í Bracelet - Stainless Steel

"May 23, 1844, signalizes the commencement of the most turbulent period of the Heroic Age of the Bahá’í Era, an age which marks the opening of the most glorious epoch in the greatest cycle which the spiritual history of mankind has yet witnessed."
- Shoghi Effendi.

This bracelet is made of 316 Stainless Steel, and green woven band. It has the letters BE (Bahá'í Era) and 1844on the front and a small 9 pointed star on the back/ The bracelet can be adjusted by pulling the ends and loosened by gently lifting the part with the star on it. This would fit wrists size S and M only.

As with any other products made of Stainless Steel, avoid contact with sweat, cosmetics and oil as they can all collect on the surface and weaken the metal's resistance to surface corrosion therefore, making it more susceptible to degradation. Clean it using a soft cloth, warm water and mild dishwashing soap.

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