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$349.00 USD

9 pointed Star PADPARADSCHA KaleidosCut ring

This beautiful collection features an exclusive 9 pointed star KaleidosCut gemstone by Glenn Lehrer. This is an exclusive cut he has made for 95Gems!
The ring features a main gemstone with the 9 pointed star cut and beneath it a smaller round stone that gives it a second color glow.

"The KaleidosCut is the result of 40 years of studying gemstones and a natural progression of Glenn Lehrer’s art form... creating a kaleidoscopic image with shards of disjointed vibrant color that moved like the broken glass within the Kaleidoscope that Glenn owned as a child".

This beauty is made with 9k gold on a simple and elegant prong setting that accentuates the 9 points of the 12mm cut Padparadscha stone and underneath it is highlighted with a small Fissure-filled Ruby.

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* Fissure-filled Ruby is an included Ruby filled under heat and pressure with leaded clear glass to hide and clarify the Ruby, similar to oiled or filled epoxy inclusion in emeralds.

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