Ring Sizing

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Ring Sizing

What if my I cannot find my ring size on the product's page?
All our items are hand made in limited quantities. If you cannot find your size on the item's page, it might be sold out. However, it might be restocked soon so just check with us sending us an email.
We can custom make most items over $50 for free or under $50 for a small fee.

How do I know what my ring size is?
The most accurate way is to go to a jeweler and ask them to measure you and tell you your US size. Alternatively, you can determine the size yourself following these simple steps:
1. Wrap a piece of string or paper around the finger whose size you want to determine
2. Mark where the piece meets the end
3. Measure the length of the beginning until the mark on a ruler
4. The measurement in millimetres will determine your size.

Size 4 (46.5mm), 4.5 (47.8mm), 5 (49mm), 5.5 (50.3mm), 6 (51.5mm), 6.5 (52.8mm), 7 (54mm), 7.5 (55.3mm), 8 (56.6mm), 8.5 (57.6mm), 9 (59.9mm), 9.5 (60.3mm), 10 (61.6mm), 10.5 (62.8mm), 11 (64.1mm), 11.5 (65.3mm), 12 (66.6mm), 12.5 (67.9mm), 13 (69.1mm).

Please note that for wide bands, you should allow something like a half size larger so it fits comfortably on your finger.

Another way to measure your ring size is by clicking on the button below:

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