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Image of Mankind
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  • Image of Mankind

"When you pass a farm and observe a prosperous plantation with symmetry and beauty, full of plants and flowers with an organized community, ye see proof of the fact that the farm and garden are under the care and cultivation of a skilful farmer; but if ye see confusion and disorder, it is an evidence that the place is bereft of the care of the gardener and a wild and uncultivated plantation results.
Therefore it is evident that unity and concord are the result of the education of the real educator, while separation and dissension are evidence of savagery and the lack of the training of God."

- Tablet from 'Abdu'l-Bahá; Star of the West, 4, p. 71

This ring was inspired on geometry and the beauty of symmetry. Simple and unisex, beautifully crafted in sterling silver.