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9 Pointed Web Drop pendant

Image of 9 Pointed Web Drop pendant
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Three items compose this set of earrings, pendant and ring. The design features a web created with a 9 point pattern.
Each item can be purchased separately or they can be bought together for a better deal. All made of sterling silver.
The ring sizes available are US 7, US 8 and US 9. Please contact us with the size desired before purchase to ensure availability. Thanks!

"It is obvious that all created things are connected one to another by a linkage complete and perfect, even, for example, as are the members of the human body. Note how all the members and component parts of the human body are connected one to another. In the same way, all the members of this endless universe are linked one to another. The foot and the step, for example, are connected to the ear and the eye; the eye must look ahead before the step is taken. The ear must hear before the eye will carefully observe. And whatever member of the human body is deficient, produceth a deficiency in the other members. The brain is connected with the heart and stomach, the lungs are connected with all the members. So is it with the other members of the body." - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá