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Baha'i jewellery is jewellery which has a Bahá'í symbol on it. Usually there are two symbols that are use for this purpose: one is known as the "Ring Symbol" and the other is called the "Greatest Name" but they are both variations of the same Name. There are also items containing the 9 pointed star which is another Bahá'í symbol. You can read more about these symbols here.


What metals do you work with?

All of our items are made of sterling silver unless the product description states otherwise. In the case of items with stones, we include the name of the stones on each item page.

Do you work with gold?
At this time, we only make items with sterling silver.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Due to special circumstances at the moment, with the CoVid affecting deliveries worldwide, we will process orders as soon as we can but we can no longer use Registered post for your parcels. Which means we can send them in priority without a tracking number. We apprecaite your understanding and patience with this regard. Depending on your locations and local customs, you should have your order within 5 weeks of ordering. Please note that some times there are delays in this process due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can my order be sent as a gift?
Yes! We already send them in gift pouches and we don't include the invoice in our packages so...give away!

What methods of payment do you use?
Our preferred method is PayPal because that way we process your order more quickly. If you want to pay via Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom or another method, please contact us first. If you'd like to pay via credit card, you can purchase your items on our Etsy store (95Gems).

Oops, why am I being charged import taxes?
Unfortunately we cannot foresee these charges. For customers in Latin America and some European countries, please note that you might be charged a customs fee.

Can you customize orders?
If you are after a ring in a different size, we can do this for you for some of our items, just contact us before placing an order since there might be extra charges for this. Additionally, if you have a design in mind and want to make it a reality, we will gladly have a look and see if we can assist you with that.

What method of shipping will you use?
We use courier services such as EMS, DHL or regular Post (depending on your country of residence). Once your order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number when applicable.

What if my order gets lost in the mail?
Just contact us if you haven't received your order after 6 weeks, if the tracking number you were given does not work or if you haven't heard from us after that time, and we will contact the delivery company and find out what has happened. Rest assured that together we will find a suitable solution.

Is there a limit to the amount of items I can order?
No. We charge shipping for one item and then each additional item is $5 or sometimes free! The cost of shipping has been made standard worldwide.